Tips for Buying Vintage and Antique Furniture


If you like frequenting estate sales, you may find one or two items that will catch your eye. It could be a chair or table that you think it will look nice in your house. It will then be a good idea if you think of buying it. When you are sure you want to buy the item, it is important to ensure that you get the best deal out of it while you leave the seller still happy. Whenever you want to buy a vintage or antique item it is important to make sure you examine it properly and ensure its condition. It will be bad to get a vintage item home only to realize that there was a defect that you did not notice before purchasing it. You also need to take advantage of the preview. Estate sales have a preview just before the sale. Make sure you focus your attention on the value of the item and what you are willing to part with in exchange for the item. For more info, visit

The other thing you want to think about is transportation. It may sound funny to discuss this but much old-time Kernow furniture was made from very heavy wood and it is important to think of how to transport what you purchase to your house depending on the type and the number of items that you buy. The estate sale agent will only keep for that day once you pay for it but will not be able to keep it for you anymore and therefore you need to be ready with transport once you think of buying any of the vintage or antique items from the estate sale. You may find something that you want but realize that it requires some little repair like changing the cushion or painting or staining it.

Most of the estate sales go on for at least two days. The trick of paying for it less than what the seller is asking for is waiting for the second day. At the same time, you need to ask as many questions as possible. The last day of the sale the items will sell much less than day one.Some of the things you may be looking forward to buying may be having a very rough outer look. Do not overlook any item especially chairs because of the way it looks from the outside cover. If the cushion inside is still firm, it is not too expensive to buy another foam just to give it a new look. If a vintage chair has a shape that you admire, it may be wise if you buy it and then think of upholstering it entirely to have something that is very nice in the end.

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